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Why You Need A Professional Notary Public

The process of real estate conveyancing can seem confusing and overwhelming, and you need an office that is available to answer your calls and provide you with guidance on navigating one of the biggest decisions for your life. We strive to provide exceptional service while completing your file with the accuracy. Our office is experienced in real estate conveyancing with over six years of background in the field and industry. We understand the market and how important buying, selling, or refinancing is for your family. Planning your estate or personal affairs is an emotionally charged yet strategic process and you need an office that listens to you and prepares documents that outline your exact wishes. Our office is a call or email away and aim to get back to your inquiry as soon as possible. To us, you’re not just another file number but an addition to our growing client family, Wether it is your first file, repeat, or quick notarization appointment, you are treated as our most valuable client during every visit or appointment.

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Real Estate Conveyancing

At Ameera Shums Notary Corporation, we understand the conveyancing process can be stressful and is often one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. We can help you with purchasing, selling, or refinancing on your property in British Columbia.


Wills are an important part of planning for your family’s future. A Will is a legal document that says what you want done with your property and assets when you pass away. It outlines your wishes and acts as a map for those who you leave behind. Our office can help you with all your estate planning needs.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney or POA is a legal document that allows you appoint another person as your legal representative to make financial decisions on your behalf. Our office can make a Power of Attorney for you that meets your needs.

Representation Agreements and Advance Directives

Our office is experienced in drafting Representation Agreements and Advance Directives so you can appoint another person to attend to your financial and/or personal health care decisions including end of life decisions on your behalf.

Affidavits and Statutory Declarations

These are legal documents that contain facts that you either swear under oath or affirm to be true. Our office is experienced in drafting and notarizing them for all your needs.


Our office can help you with your notarization needs. We can certify true copies of your identification, witness insurance loss declarations, passport applications, independent legal advice, out of province documents, and more.​

Invitation Letters and Travel Consent Letters

Our office can help you notarize or prepare Invitation Letters and Travel Consent Letters to make sure your travel plans are uninterrupted.

Real Estate Conveyancing

The conveyancing process and practise relates to transferring property (including mortgages) from one owner to another.

Our office conducts due diligence on your behalf. This includes reviewing the title, noting ownership, reviewing charges that affect the title, or remove mortgages from title.  We obtain all relevant documents such as insurance binders, ordering strata documents, ordering title insurance policies if you are refinancing or buying a home. If you are selling a home, our office obtains payout statements from your mortgage company and documents from the Buyers notary for signing. Our office prepares the legal documents for you as a purchaser, seller, or borrower to sign and facilitates the signing and delivery of these documents to any relevant parties. Once you sign and we have all required documents, registration of land title forms take place. Upon registration, our office facilitates the transfer of funds in these transactions including receiving funds and disbursing them to you and any charge holders. This is a brief overview of the general conveyancing practise and having a Notary Public that is trained in conveyancing and legal matters is important.

Buying your first home, selling for the first time, or refinancing on your property can be stressful. Many times these transactions can be time sensitive and you need a Notary Public who is on your team working to make sure your file is funded and completed in time. We understand that you need an office that focuses on accuracy and accountability and is available to answer your calls.


Some of the real estate conveyancing services we office include (but are not limited to):

Purchasing or Selling a Home
Refinancing on your home
Preparing Lending Documents
Title Transfers
Business Asset Purchases/Sales
Independent Legal Advice

Buying, Selling, or Refinancing?

Our office is experienced in helping you with all your real estate requirements.

Personal Planning

Every adult who owns any assets, has a spouse, and/or minor children should have a will. Surprisingly, may people do not. Having a will shows a clear statement of what you would like done for your property and the necessary care you wish for your loved ones. You retain control and say over your property and having a Will gives confidence to your loved ones as they will be acting out your wishes. Preparing a will also gives you power to choose who will execute your wishes on your behalf.  Knowing what your intensions and wishes are will save them a significant amount of stress, money, and provide peace of mind.

Managing childcare, and providing for your dependents with no direction of how those costs will be reimbursed if your loved one has passed away. It can also create issues within a family as your wishes for distributing the estate is not known. Having a Will eliminates many of these stressful conversations and family disputes within your family.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows another person to make financial and property related matters on your behalf. There are different types of Power of Attorney that can be tailored to your personal needs whether it is for a specific situation, general, or enduring. Our office can help guide you into preparing a Specific, General, or Enduring Power of Attorney.

Loosing a loved one or dealing with health issues that demand difficult decisions from your family is an extremely stressful experience both emotionally and financially. It can be overwhelming dealing with a loved one battling medical issues and facing decisions that can completely alter the life of your family member. Having a Representation Agreement document can help you state your wishes and take the pressure away from your family during a difficult time. Our office can help you prepare and execute a Representation Agreement and/or Advance Directive suitable for your situation.  

Interested in Preparing Personal Planning Documents?

Contact our office to schedule an appointment to provide instructions. After this appointment, we will schedule you for another appointment to sign your final documents.


Notarizations deal with documents that have been certified by a Notary Public. Our office can witness your signatures, certify true copy your document or identification, and more. By notarizing your document, the Notary is identifying the person who is signing the document, witnessing the signature, and imprinting the document with their stamp and/or deal.

Notarizations can include a variety of things. Some of the documents we notarize are:


Statutory Declarations
Certified True Copies of Documents/Identification
Insurance Loss Declarations
Travel Consent Letters for Minors
Affidavits for Letters of Invitations
Government Documents
Contractor Forms
Indian Power of Attorney
Pakistani Power of Attorney
Independent Legal Advice
Out of Province Documents

Please note our office does not witness Separation Agreements, Promissory Notes, or Wills prepared by another office. We recommend scheduling an appoint to notarize but happily serve walk-in clients as well.

You will be asked to provide two pieces of identification for all Notarizations to verify your identity, name, and signature, with at least one being a government issued photo identification. (Driver’s Licences combined with the B.C. Services Card counts as one ID)

Need to get a document notarized?

Contact our office to schedule an appointment or walk-in with your document (or email us a copy of the document) and identifications so our office can make the process as quick and efficient as possible.

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